Drawing on 50 years of experience operating the world’s most prominent performing arts complex, we work hand-in-hand with government, corporate, institutional, and philanthropic leaders worldwide to plan, build, and operate vibrant arts facilities and cultural districts.


A creative, well-informed, and galvanized staff is the key to success for any ambitious new project. That’s why we offer Lincoln Center University, customized arts management training intensives and workshops for executives, leaders, and funders of arts and cultural institutions.


We introduce schools, government leaders, and educators to Lincoln Center Education’s pioneering approach to arts-based learning. Through structured arts engagement, we foster cross-disciplinary learning in the classroom and original cultural interaction in the community.


“On September 15-16, Lincoln Center will host the second Global Exchange conference, an invitation-only gathering of world leaders and change agents devoted to exploring the role of art and culture in addressing critical challenges facing our collective future. Through dynamic dialogue and powerful performance, this conference bridges disciplines and geographies to help move the arts to the center of international discourse.”