Conceiving and building a new concert hall? Reimagining and reinvigorating a treasured theater complex? Considering how arts facilities might boost the value and visibility of a mixed-use development? Redesigning a university campus while managing the demands of multiple stakeholders? Looking to animate, enliven, and support a downtown cultural district?

We can help.

Our adaptive, customized approach has been successfully tailored to a broad range of client projects in diverse cultural ecosystems.

Leveraging the breadth of Lincoln Center’s expertise and experience, we work side-by-side with clients to help them discover innovative and pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face, including: Planning, Building, and Construction; Artistic Programming; Audience Experience and Engagement; Operations and Financial Sustainability; Patronage and Sponsorship; Management and Training.

A Selection of Recent Client Collaborations that Extend Across the Globe


We provide practical training from practicing experts.

Lincoln Center University (LCU) offers intensive arts management training in key areas such as strategic planning, artistic programming, design planning, operations, fundraising, branding, and organizational design.

In lieu of generic formulas for strategic improvement, we customize our program to address the specific issues each client faces in its cultural, geographic, financial, and programmatic environment. Over the course of several days at our New York campus, the client’s leadership team engages in a series of workshops, roundtable and panel discussions, and private coaching sessions with Lincoln Center executives. They also attend memorable performances in Lincoln Center’s halls, often shadowing members of our production and customer service staff.


At Lincoln Center Education (LCE), music, theater, dance, and visual arts are all doorways to learning skills critical to success in life. Every year, LCE’s programs enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and lifelong learners.

As ambassadors for LCE, we introduce schools, government leaders, and educators around the world to LCE’s pioneering approach to arts-based learning.

We also find that investments in ambitious cultural developments are most successful when their artistic and educational programs are developed together. Consequently, we frequently work in tandem with LCE’s experts on both strategy and implementation.

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